Lately a phrase (attributed to the Civil War era) that was used by my Dad comes to mind. He would comment on some national or world situation and say "....the country is going to Hell in a handbasket."

Every day we are bombarded by new 'tweets and twitters,' dire predictions by the editorial section of the Washington Post and other prognosticators on national TV (maybe we should just turn the reins of government over to them?), and the constant failure of our elected representatives in Congress to do their job and work "together" for the benefit of the American citizen. Now we reach the ultimate pinnacle of disgusting behavior when we are forced to hear a member of Congress publicly use the term "Mother-******" in reference advocating impeachment of a sitting president.

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We all have our view of President Trump and are entitled to it, but that does not excuse gutter language by a member of Congress on national media. To make it even worse other members of Congress mumble and stumble instead of outright condemnation of the action. What made our country great was the ability for its citizens to agree to disagree and still remain civil. The classic being President Reagan and Tip O'Neill going at it tooth and nail during the day, but relaxing over a cocktail after hours.

What's happened to our country in the 21st century?

We are bombarded with advertising on a daily basis about another new free app for your smartphone. Hopefully someone will invent an app that will pound common sense and decency into those who claim to be qualified to govern us by serving in Washington. Otherwise, we had all better get ready for one nasty ride in a "handbasket" to somewhere we probably won't like.

Mike Connor

Devils Lake