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Letter: Wanted: A hacker to hack the hacker

To the editor,

There I was last Monday, minding my own business and cleaning up my voicemail, and I hear the message from Amazon Fraud.

Fraud! I called to find out what had happened. I've now learned not to directly answer any number that is not in my contact list; however, I still listen to messages (not anymore). The end result is that nothing is true. By the time I realized my gross error, I had to cancel and start a new bank account and credit card, and I am in the process of getting all new cards.

I think we are at a crisis point with the internet. The bank was not surprised; they said this happens a lot around this time of year. There is no task force with police because the amount is too small.

I didn't lose yet, but it was on its way to $5,000 in three hours. That was through the credit card. I called the credit card on their 800 number on the back and asked them to decline those charges. What a pain. The news today has Republican Party members being hacked, Marriott Hotels last week, and the Democrats last year. On it goes.

I don't know how to appeal to the hacker's basic decency. "Dear Hacker, Just know that the people you steal from are not part of a virtual reality game. We are real and your actions have real life consequences."

I'm thinking that there has got to be a way to secure the internet. I guess I basically expect companies who use the internet to be secure in the first place; obviously there are too many hackers and not enough "good guy" hackers. I would like a hackers notice alert place where we can look and see what to stay away from.

They were slick, they did not give me a chance to call back. Being raised nice, it's impolite to hang up. I have to learn to do that.

Ellen Brehmer

Grand Forks