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Letter: We are no longer a democracy

To the editor,

I grew up on a farm and went to a public school where I learned about America, and everything I learned is upside down.

I was taught that America was a country that is a democracy and lived and died by the will of the people. It is very hard now at my age to know that I have been tricked and that we are an oligarchy that is controlled by corporations. Our voice is only as good as the money we provide to parties that only care about certain people when they want to hold power. As individuals, we are either Democrats or Republicans and it is all tribal, so there truly is no concept of democracy. The choices for us as individuals are minimal and this group controlling both houses and presidency and now courts continues to take away what few choices we have.

We are watching our environment being destroyed, public schools being dismantled, racism and bigotry inflamed, Freedom of the press ridiculed, basic human rights trampled on, and yet we as Americans sit and watch because what is happening is only causing hardship to someone else. We used to be proud of the fact that people came to our country for a better life, and now those people are used to stoke fear and anger.

So, it is hard to admit, but we either care about our core principals or we can just watch ourselves drift towards fascism.

Norton Lovold