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Letter: Let's agree that sexual violence is intolerable

To the editor,

For years I've enjoyed the back-and-forth discussions of political ideology. I still believe I can learn as much or more from those I disagree with as those I agree with. When worse comes to worse, I sleep well at night believing we all want the same things; we just disagree as to how best accomplish certain goals, or in the worst case have to agree that the only thing in common is that we recall events differently.

At the end of the day, I always believed there were certain non-negotiables that were a million miles away from any kind of political ideology. One of those is that sexual violence is bad.

It's real, it happens; it's forgivable and it's possible for those involved to move on.

There are certain things as civilized human beings we agree on regardless of political ideology. I'd like to think one that remains is that sexual violence is always bad.

We are hearing more and more discussion among citizens, local and national media, elected officials and those seeking public office attempting to qualify under what circumstances violating someone's sexual privacy or physically attacking someone in a sexual manner isn't so bad after all.

Not being the one who was sexually violated, I don't think I get to say for someone else whether it's OK or not; and unless it's your specific circumstance of sexual violation in question, I don't think you get to decide for someone else either.

I've spent decades talking about acceptance and tolerance. I'm going to stand firm that as a society, sexual violence should remain unacceptable and intolerable under all circumstances.

Bernie Erickson