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Letter: Disappointed with UND parking situation

I am writing in response to an article in Saturday's Herald, regarding tickets and parking fees at UND.

As a junior at UND, I have become more frustrated with parking at UND. I park in the Chester Fritz lot every day, since all my classes are in Gamble Hall. This year, my parking permit for the "S Zone" cost $190. On top of the thousands of dollars I pay for tuition, I feel the $190 is another unnecessary fee. However, I feel there are a lot of unnecessary fees that come along with college. Those other fees do not bother me as much as the parking pass fee.

In my opinion, there are not enough off-campus student parking spots, not only at the Chester Fritz parking lot, but across campus. There are many staff spots throughout campus, but it doesn't seem proportionally correct between student and staff spots. There are now more spots in the Chester Fritz lot that are pay-as-you-go parking. Unsurprisingly, more of those spots are vacant than filled.

When the decrease in enrollment was released this year by UND, there were many comments on social media that it was because people couldn't find parking on campus. They might have been meant as a joke, but there were some serious undertones in others. In my opinion, the UND Parking Services crew makes an unnecessary effort in patrolling the lots. Each day varies on when I go to my car to grab something or leave campus. It seems that every time I'm in the parking lot, there's one of the UND Parking Services cars in the lot. It's possible that if they didn't have as many people working for them, they wouldn't need to dish out so many tickets/citations. I have yet to receive a parking ticket on campus, but I have talked to people who have parked in the wrong zone one time and were ticketed.

While I am not providing solutions in this letter, I am saying that things need to be fixed, whether that is a decrease in fee of a parking pass, or the parking services crew to take it down a notch. Overall, I have been happy with my time at UND, but the parking situation has been one of the biggest disappointments so far.

Ethan Horner

Grand Forks