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Letter: Why the big rush on Kavanaugh?

I am very upset about the treatment by the Senate Republicans of Dr. Ford, the woman who has bravely come forward to testify to an alleged sexual assault attempt by Judge Kavanaugh when they were teenagers.

I watched and listened on the radio to Anita Hill's testimony before the Judiciary Committee 27 years ago when I was a new employee of the federal government. Both Sen. Grassley and Sen. Hatch treated Anita Hill so badly, and they are treating Dr. Ford even worse. These two men have been in the Senate far too long. Sen. Hatch called Dr. Ford "mixed up." That is a sexist comment and unacceptable.

There's no need to let partisan politics get in the way of thoroughly investigating this allegation—an investigation that even Dr. Ford has asked for. The Senate has a responsibility not to let this process be worse than how Anita Hill was treated 27 years ago.

Julie Olson

Arvilla, N.D.