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Letter: Sacrifice means putting lives on the line

To the editor,

What does sacrifice mean to me? Sacrifice means giving up things you love and cherish the most. It's kind of like when you move you have to leave your friends behind. The military had to give so much up after 9/11. They had to go to war to fight for our freedom after the attack.

They had to put their lives on the line, which means their families back home may never get to see them again. While they are gone on deployment they miss many milestones of their children's lives. The families they leave behind sacrifice their peace, comfort and presence of their service member.

I know how the families of a service member feel because my dad also had to go to war in Iraq.

During his second deployment he lost many friends and was almost killed himself when he was shot by a sniper. What it means to sacrifice things to me, at 13, is far different from the men and women who keep our country safe, and that is why we thank our military for their service.

Katelyn Gass

Seventh grade

Twining Middle School

Grand Forks