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Letter: Consider keeping the Altru pool open

It was sad news indeed recently when I learned the therapeutic pool at Altru would be closing and members relocated to the YMCA facilities. What was sadder still is I had to learn about this through other people, Altru never indicated clearly in their letter it would actually be closing the pool to those of us who utilize it daily.

The pool can't be replaced by the YMCA pool. It's the only one in the state. With a temperature of 97 degrees, Altru's pool offers pain relief for many of the 300 members, some even going two to three times a day. It's not just adults, but kids use this pool as well—children and teens in wheelchairs with various disabilities who avail themselves to the warm waters. The pool at the YMCA is about 10 degrees lower and is a swimming pool, not one meant for therapy treatment.

The members of the Altru Fitness Center aren't just members, they're patients who depend upon the physical relief afforded them from the therapeutic pool. One of Altru's goals is to focus on improving the quality, service and access for patients who depend upon them. I guess that applies to everyone but those of us who use the therapeutic pool.

Instead of looking at the bottom line, look at the lives of those who utilize this service. They trust you and are depending on you to do the right thing. So fulfill your goals and keep the therapeutic pool open.

Karen McIntyre

Grand Forks