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Letter: Contact SBHE and say 'keep the promise'

To the editor,

We all remember the children's story about the vain emperor and his new clothes. I am not sure if UND President Mark Kennedy reminds me of the emperor, the tailor, or both.

Some of Kennedy's milestones:

He failed to reinstate a very successful and needed music therapy program.

He cut the UND women's hockey program.

He insulted one of the most powerful legislators in North Dakota (Sen. Holmberg).

He insulted the largest donor family in the history of UND (Engelstad and Engelstad-


He failed to inform stakeholders and the SBHE of all the facts regarding Ray Richards' gift of land to be used as a golf course. Four Sioux Award Winners, former UND President George Starcher, Lloyd Stone, Gordon Caldis and Ray Richards negotiated the gift and sale of land to be used as a nine-hole golf course. Anyone who suggests these four somehow would allow for sale of the golf course for a one-time profit is ignoring NDCC 59-21-02-(1)(2).

Out of respect for UND I worked very hard to keep this a private incident, hoping the SBHE would honor the promise, allowing today's and future UND students and Grand Forks citizens to enjoy a great amenity that promotes lifetime wellness.

We can still save the Ray. Contact the SBHE members with one message: "Keep the promise."

As to President Kennedy, if he chooses to wear the cloak of deception he has weaved at the Potato Bowl parade, he may find our fall mornings quite chilly. Maybe he will channel another emperor, Nero, and help his "committee of 31 to enhance game day" by fiddling while UND is destroyed. By the way, several of us high-level consultants gathered over cheap, cold pizza and a warm beer and solved the problem.

Win, Bubba, just win.

C.T. Marhula

Grand Forks