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Letter: How much more 'fake' can Herald get?

To the editor,

I found your article (Herald opinion, Aug. 14: "This is not fake news") in our local newspaper.

My question is, when did President Trump ever say that any local newspapers in North Dakota or any other state were fake news? Your thinking seems to be like most liberals who try to say something is either all bad or all good. President Trump never once said all news media is all fake news. He does criticize some of the news media. Remember President Obama criticized Fox News and other newspapers.

You wrote of being at some of President Trump's rallies. Did you pay careful attention to where President Trump was pointing and listen to which news media that he was accusing of fake news? He never, never said all news media is fake news. You are victim of "Allness," a thing is all bad or all good.

When you pay more careful attention to the news, you will have to admit that newspapers like the New York Times and news media like NBC and CNN have, to quote you, used some very "ugly rhetoric" against President Trump. Is it OK to attack him? Does he not have the right to speak out against these attacks? When President Obama was in that office, few criticized him or his family members. Those who did were called racists. Since Donald Trump became president, apparently every one of his family are fair game to criticize. Tell me, how fair is that?

Now you, (Herald Publisher) Korrie Wenzel, seem to think you must join other newspapers to defend your profession against the silly idea that President Trump is attacking you. Just how much more "fake" can you get?

Beverly Medalen

Willow City, N.D.