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Letter: Be smart, use multiple sources

Great editorial from the Herald's editorial board about "fake news." (Aug. 14, "This is not fake news.") What was missing was the call to North Dakotans to do their due diligence. When one follows only one media resource, what one is becoming is brainwashed.

As a retired librarian, I urge all North Dakotans to display their intelligence and do the research that is currently required. Use three to seven resources and from multiple viewpoints. Make sure they are credible, and check the data and facts with such sources as Snopes, Politifact or FactCheck.

A favorite chart many use for determining the bias of their source is one by Vanessa Otero. Many libraries and educational units use this to help determine the bias of a source.

In busy lives please use as least three — one from the right, one from the left and one considered neutral. From conversations, letters to the editor and social postings, one sees that the majority of our TV viewers use Fox. I also watch Fox, but balance it with MSNBC, local newscasts and national newscasts by ABC, CBS and NBC. I also try to throw in some CNN and CBC.

Did I mention I'm retired? That is why the suggestion for busy adults is three — from each perspective — right, neutral and left.

Judy A. Hager

Grand Forks