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Mueller did not find the Trump campaign conspired with Russia, also did not exonerate him on obstruction

Letter: Who are kidnappers? Who are criminals?

Kidnapped? My question is who are the kidnappers?

From my understanding of what I've read in the paper and heard on TV, a young mother goes into social services with her young child and they threaten to abduct her child from her. What parent wouldn't flee with their child to protect them if their child was threatened. What mother wouldn't help her child to protect her grandchild?

Than the persons who allegedly threaten to abduct her child allegedly accuses her of being a kidnapper, a criminal?

My question is this: Who are the kidnappers, who are the criminals?

Why are parents accused of crimes when they try to protect their children from abduction?

What has our society come to when tyrants can abduct children and allegedly accuse the parents of kidnapping when they try to protect their kids from abduction?

Isn't this what Hitler did? Didn't he abduct the kids for his special schools to turn kids against their parents?

I've viewed an article lately that noted very young offspring who are separated from their parents suffer traumatic emotional harm which may cause permanent learning and social development harm and the longer the separation, the worst the harm.

Why, in our enlightened society, are tyrants permitted to severely traumatize children?

If I'm not mistaken, Germany was suppose to be have been one of the most enlightened society in her era when Hitler took over. Have we taken over Hitler's agenda?

Dennis Kulas

Grand Forks