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Letter: Wake up, be positive for others

To the editor,

I just wanted to comment on the article "Troubling Trend" in the Herald on Sunday, July 29.

This Sept. 1 will be my 51st birthday, and I will be celebrating it as I did last year. To be honest with you, 19 years ago I thought I was a worthless person and decided to call it quits. I'm happy to say that I was found, and after many years of rehab and therapy, I am confident in saying that I am worthy and not a worthless person, and it wasn't "less" of me to learn "y."

I'm so much better now than I was then. I thought I didn't have anything to give to anyone. But I learned that we all have wonderful and unique gifts that this world would appreciate. For many years I had written in a journal all my negative thoughts and feelings and thought I would be alone forever. But I changed my thinking to positive and know fully that I have wonderful family and friends who love me. In fact, for the past 2 1/2 years I have written an article for the Thief River Falls Times called "Positive Thoughts," and now I know I have a gift to write funny and positive things for folks to read and enjoy.

Am I cured? Of course not. I still have many peaks and valleys that I go through. But I know that there is someone in my life who will drop everything they are doing and say "What's up?" And I know that it is the same for everyone else. There is always one person who gives a "hoot" about you.

If this helps, wake up each day and use positive words for others. I use "awesome." If you say that many times to others, they will return the favor and you'll believe it as well.

God bless.

Dan Bartsch

Thief River Falls