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Letter: Labor unions: The good and the bad

To the editor,

For about half of my working life, I was a member of a labor union. In fact, at one point I was part of a committee that worked to establish a union for my organization. As part of belonging to a union, dues were regularly deducted from my pay.

The reason for unionizing that particular organization was not wage related, but for establishing an employee grievance procedure and for uniform working conditions. Both were accomplished with a positive outcome.

So much for "the good."

As unionization has evolved, many, if not most, unions have become steeped in politics. Part of a workers' dues now make their way to the coffers of political parties or candidates. No regard to the wishes of the individual worker, or no option not to have their dues politically designated. That's "the bad." And one reason the U.S. Supreme Court ruled recently to reign in labor unions.

It is my opinion that unions should revert to their original intent: Worker protection and rights, not being a political arm.

John W. Johnson

Warren, Minn.