Just recently, my wife and I took our vacation driving through much of the country. We traveled through Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. We had several stops along the way and met a lot of people at hotels, restaurants, gas stations and events. This trip has shown me something I wasn't quite expecting.

In today's world, the media loves reporting everything that's bad or what is wrong with this country. They would have you believe there is deep division in this country and not much hope for anything good.

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During our trip, I did not experience one angry person, not one hateful person, not one protester, etc. Instead, everywhere we had been, we experienced nothing but nice people. Helpful people. Courteous people (except for some drivers). People from every race who displayed nothing but kindness. Along the way we even saw several displays of patriotism, from assorted races.

Now, I know there are displays of racism and hate that do indeed exist. I also realize that there are problems in America that need to be addressed. What country does not have issues? I'm just saying that after taking an extended tour of a good part of our country, I've come to realize it is not quite as doom and gloom as the media loves to report. There is good in our country everywhere. And it by far exceeds the negative things taking place.

This country does not need to be "great" again. It always has been. I was proud to experience America like this. Don't let the media control your thinking or your views. Form your own. We can all correct the negatives in our country by doing what we continue to do. Be kind to each other. No place on earth is perfect, but there is no place else I would rather be.

Bob Legg

Grand Forks