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Letter: Former king couldn't do anything right

To the editor,

Professor Omdahl may be correct when he says "the king can do no wrong" in his recent Herald column. You suppose that's because the old king couldn't do anything right?

First, he apologized for our terrible country around the world. His foreign policy started with flowery confidence. From there it went downhill starting with pleading, then to bribing and finally to begging countries to do his will. He was their "muckle jester" and they did as they pleased.

The new king is informed, confident and leading the "the grand parade." The cheering began loud and grew louder with each accomplishment. He "found" that "the natives" are happy because their hopes for the future are growing every day.

Now the the new king has a "made in China" feather in his hat because China is realizing they are no longer dealing with the old king. The new king understands world politics, especially tariff inequalities.

He guides the royal coach right through the resisting liberals. The more they try to cause a collision out of their collusion, the more they get run over by the facts, even when they try to bury them.

But it's nice to read that "muckle jester" agrees that the search for collusion is "a witch hunt," to quote the professor. He even writes truthfully that it is "a big waste of time and money."

And his comparison of the want to be queen to Lady Godiva is exquisite. Lady Godiva wouldn't admit all her clothes were gone either. Now the expecting-to-be-queen only whines and blames everyone but herself.

The old king remains in the big city near the coach. Some folks thought he is there to loudly defend his weak efforts of the past coach. Now it appears he is really busy trying to bury the records (evidence) of his collusions. Time will tell. The new coach rolls on.

Beverly Medalen

Willow City, N.D.