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Letter: Trump makes decisions this country needs

To the editor,

It is refreshing to see a United States president genuinely protect the security of our nation. President Trump is a true leader because he is making the tough decisions many of the other elected officials are unwilling to make, let alone take ownership of. He is bearing the burden people could ever fathom accepting.

Watching the Trump administration is like watching a skilled surgeon remove a malignant cancer. It may not be pretty to see on live TV, but somehow one knows that, in the end, the patient will heal and recover. The recovery we are watching Trump integrate is the recovery of our freedoms so many heroes have died for.

There are many good tax-paying citizens that would like to recover the funds garnished from their checks to pay for people who only seek a free lunch. There is no such thing as a free lunch in a fully functioning economy. Someone, somewhere, must pay for the natural resources on all of our dinner plates.

America can no longer sustain the many free services it provides. This is a sober truth that hurts the feelings of far too many.

President Donald J. Trump has accepted this burden. And for this, he deserves a Nobel Prize for his truly historic presidency.

Andrew M. Grage

Grand Forks