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Letter: VA health care: Not for all vets

To the editor,

I served three years, nine months active duty in the military during the Vietnam era, was honorably discharged and went on with my life.

About 15 years ago, I decided to apply for VA health care benefits, should I need such in my aging years. I received a VA Health Care card, signifying I was an eligible veteran, but due to my income and assets I was placed in priority level eight, which meant I didn't qualify for any health care. What? That's like saying my time in service was not deemed as valuable as other veterans.

This past year, I reapplied to see if my status had changed since I retired. Nope, still not qualified due to income/asset status.

I am frustrated with our elected officials who say "I want to help our veterans." In addition to making Herald readers aware of this discriminative policy by the VA, I am sending this letter to my U.S. senators and representative.

Those of a certain age will remember the Vietnam era was a time of the military draft, so males of draft age had three choices: military, jail or flee to Canada.

John W. Johnson

Warren, Minn.