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Bison head coach Klieman accepts head coaching job at Kansas State, will stay with NDSU for FCS playoffs

Letter: Stop messing with our biological clocks

To the editor,

Hello all of you freedom-loving Americans. Standing tall with your guns. Bemoaning auto insurance to back up your right to drink and drive. How do you like your freedom today?

The government just told you to start getting up an hour early every day from now until November. The sun hasn't changed. The USA and other governments decided that they could get more production and money flow if they made everybody get up and hour early every day. I hope you are proud of your "Independence."

I know, I know — get used to it. Why? It's only the early risers who are up anyway who get used to it.

I would like to propose that this state, North Dakota, step back from daylight saving time like Arizona does. Or, let's have daylight savings time all year long. Stop messing with our biological clocks. We are not robots.

Ellen Brehmer

Grand Forks