To the editor,

We must all know by now that Trump's view on gun control is based on the last person he spoke to. As on any other issue.

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The president is showing he has very little backbone. As someone who has done the negotiations for over 30 years and now teaches negotiation skills, any objective negotiations evaluation tool would show that Trump has poor negotiation skills.

One who is a competent negotiation professional knows what you want out of the other party and has a strategy on how you are about to achieve this with the other party.

With Trump, he changes his mind second by second. You cannot be lost if you have no road map anyway. Wherever you end up is just fine. Even if he knew he was lost we would rant about how wonderful it is and that it's only because of him this success has been achieved. When the press rightly shows how it is not a success at all but just the opposite, Trump's response is "fake news."

Dutch celebrity Max Euwe is known to have stated, "Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation."

We are dealing with an American president that has few of the above-mentioned skills. But worse yet, thinks he does

Alan Levy