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Letter: Always teach your children what love is

To the editor,

With the recent school shooting in Florida, the natural response turns to gun control. One side says less guns, more restrictions; the other side says we need guns.

Some claim "lack of gun control is what led to that massacre." The stances on social media become very exhausting. The gun debate has been going on forever and there is not going to being any changes anytime soon.

I truly believe this massacre did not happen because of lack of gun control, it happened because of hate. Hate killed those innocent people. As a parent, I have the important job to make sure hate stays away from my children's hearts.

How? By talking to them, loving them, spending time with them, caring about them, teaching them how to be moral people. If all parents focused on caring about and for their children and being present, talking with their children, we gradually can end hate. Hate comes from people who are neglected constantly in their life. Without hate, these massacres would hopefully end.

When I see letters to the editor blame video games for the shooting, it makes me shake my head. Parents have the ability to turn those games off. It may cause a fight with your kids, but aren't your kids worth fighting for?

Let's evaluate the job we are doing as parents and do what we can to get better. I am by no means a perfect parent, but I will continue to do everything in my power to make sure my kids know what love is. I hope all parents join me and do the same.

Justin Johnson

Grand Forks