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Letter: Women's hockey a matter of economics

To the editor,

I read Mike Jacobs' plea to reinstate women's hockey at UND. Seemed like more of a shot at UND President Mark Kennedy than offering a hockey discussion.

There are many options for girls/women to pursue collegiate hockey regionally, at very competitive MIAC and WCHA leagues. It was stated that if St. Cloud, Bemidji State and UMD can afford hockey, why can't UND? The truth be told, they can't. They are DII institutions who opt up to play DI hockey. To do so, they must offer a corresponding DI sport for women.

A recent key playoff game between Bemidji State and UMD drew 550 fans. A playoff game! UND, already being DI, is under no such restriction.

I think North Dakota has only produced one female high school graduate who played DI hockey. The Lamoureux twins honed their skills by attending Shattuck Academy in Faribault, Minn., for grades 9-12. A school with a national hockey schedule. Even large high schools in North Dakota are forced to form sports co-ops to field a team.

Jacobs should understand economics. Due to the economics surrounding print media, often the Herald is so skinny I have to look twice in my box to see it.

I have a solution for him. Have Forum Communications underwrite the women's program at UND.

John W. Johnson

Warren, Minn.