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Letter: Gun debate isn't unique in history

To the editor,

The gun rights debate is no different than any other debate throughout history. The question we are debating is really whether we can live with what we are doing.

In the same way that putting our child in a life jacket may not end up protecting the child in the end, we can know that we weren't responsible for the child's death if the situation does come about. That is the question each of us should be asking: have we done everything possible to protect our children? Am I willing to give up anything in order to protect that which I claim to love? Unless you can be with them at all times, don't claim you are saving them by allowing the weapons of their destruction to exist for your heroic actions. Besides, the first thing a hero needs to be willing to do is sacrifice and your refusal to give up what you truly don't need isn't saying that you are willing to be heroic.

What are we teaching our children? If we're not teaching them that life is more important than anything, we're telling them that we need to get what we want and let the rest of life take its chances.

That sounds like the attitude of the shooters. That is why some people seem to have accepted school shootings as normal.

This isn't a new debate. At that crucifixion of Christ everyone in the crowd at his trial had a decision to make. Those in power used the same tactics that are being used now; if you allow Jesus to live you will lose this or that. Based on that alone the people made a choice: to kill the person they had just welcomed into Jerusalem as their messiah and their nation crumbled into the dust.

Eric Thompson