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Letter: Jacobs hits it on head with recent column

To the editor,

I thought I was alone. Thank you, Herald columnist Mike Jacobs, for your insightful call ("Bring Back Women's Hockey," Feb. 27). Your comments should be a basis for North Dakotans to take back our state and display our pride in all we have and do.

Your call to bring back UND women's hockey as a means of honoring the accomplishments of the Lamoureux twins comes at the right time. We need to revive a program destroyed by bureaucrats who gave no consideration to the impact of their decision. Would Ralph Engelstad have allowed the program to be scrapped? I think not.

Jacobs points out the reasons for the abandonment of the program and gives credence to the belief that the current UND president can shoulder that blame. Following up on his thoughts, I believe the recent hiring of a new athletic director did little to change the direction in which the position will take. Do we really need to give the outgoing AD a golden parachute after numerous programs were chopped on his watch?

I get very upset with the fact that we, as North Dakotans, seem to have a belief that we don't have native North Dakotans holding prestigious positions in all walks of life who could and would return to the state if given an opportunity. Our universities need those people. They understand our way of life and ultimately better understand our needs in all facets of our lives, including education.

We need to use our own people to carry forward many of the projects which we pay mega bucks to outside consulting firms. I am sure students at UND could have come up with a logo/mascot in any of many graphics classes. The U.S. Postal Service lookalike falls way below the quality of the rendition of the last of the Fighting Sioux created by a Native American and true North Dakotan.

We need more individuals like Tom Clifford, John Odegaard and Gene Roebuck and, yes, the Lamoureux twins, to remind us that we can do nicely with homegrown folks to make and keep North Dakota proud. It's time we show that pride for the world to see.

Congratulations to the twins and go Fighting Sioux.

Marlan Hvinden

UND Class of 1974

Thompson, N.D.