To the editor,

I'm so saddened by all these school shootings. If you are going to blame something, blame the movie industry and the makers of the horrid violent video games. Get these games out of the malls. Kids watch and play these games for hours and get so programmed to violence that they don't give a thought to acting it out.

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Parents and students, don't waste your time in trying to get guns banned. It's not going to happen. Instead, ban and protest the movie industry. They are the teachers of this violence. Kids look up to you. They show you how to do it.

These violent videos and movies started coming out about 20 years ago. That's about the generation of the parents of these kids that been been killed or injured.

These parents, as young kids themselves, supported these violent games and movies. They played them in the malls when their own parents wouldn't allow them in their homes.

Now these parents are paying the price with the loss of their children. Can't they see this?

Banning guns won't take away the violence that they are watching and being taught.

Ban the movie industry. The is what's killing your children.

Judi Farden

Grand Forks