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Letter: ND needs explanation from tax commissioner

To the editor,

I saw a nice article featuring North Dakota's Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger recently. Thankfully, it wasn't about another drunken driving incident. Rather, it was a piece about how the new tax law was going to provide "significant federal tax relief" to North Dakota taxpayers.

Since hardly anyone understands the new law, which has more moving parts than all the old combines in North Dakota piled together in one heap, it seemed a stretch. But good news from the tax commissioner's office is not to be squandered.

Rather than platitudes about the new tax law it would have been refreshing to receive an update on Rauschenberger's chemical dependency rehabilitation, or his willingness to accept responsibility for his decisions to drink and drive in the past and lie to law enforcement officials.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control the average drunk driver has driven drunk at least 80 times before their first arrest. Rauschenberger has been involved (i.e. caught) in two incidents. Are we to believe those were the only two incidents? If not, have other people also been compromised by covering for him?

It seems we have sunk nationally into an environment where no one needs to apologize or admit fault for being wrong or being caught in lie. Is our own statehouse following suit, with averted eyes and willful ignorance? At what price is integrity sacrificed?

With thousands of accountants, attorneys, professors and tax professionals in North Dakota it is odd that Rauschenberger sits atop the heap ā€” with the full support of his party and sponsors.

Is this the best man for the job, the man you trust to have access to and protect your tax information?

Dan Sobieck

Butte, N.D.