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Letter: Listen to reasons to keep schools open

To the editor,

I recently watched a Grand Forks School Board meeting where a paid consultant recommended that the district consider closing three north-end elementary schools.

During discussions on this option, I was surprised to hear one school board member state that these schools should close because Grand Forks is "moving south." With the recent cold weather, this is great news, and I recommend that the city move to Arizona, at least for the winter months.

In reality, the school board member is confusing the terms "moving" and "growing," so unfortunately, the city will not be getting warmer. While the city has been growing south, there are still thousands of people, and hundreds of elementary aged children, who live in these northern neighborhoods. Wilder Elementary, for example, has doubled in enrollment over the past half decade, is in good structural shape, and is key to continued revitalization of downtown and the near north neighborhood.

The school board needs to hear options beyond those from a consultant who is in the business of building new schools. If we're not moving south, we might as well listen to the many reasons to keep the north-end elementary schools open.

Erin McSparron

Grand Forks