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Letter: Hagerott should mirror Franken, resign

To the editor,

I have been watching with great interest as our state's journalists cover the scandal involving University System Chancellor Hagerott and the Chancellor-apologists, State Board of Higher Ed members Morton and Neset.

I have read the 2016 NDUS compliance officer's survey report in which multiple employees accuse Hagerott of sexism and incompetence. I have also read former Vice Chancellor Feldner's incredibly detailed Department of Labor report in which many instances of Hagerott's sexism and incompetence are explained. I think it's time that we North Dakotans relieve ourselves of this embarrassment of a chancellor, and possibly rid ourselves of his SBHE apologists as well.

We need to remember that not all gender bias is explicitly sexual in nature, and so while the

chancellor might not be grabbing women's body parts or soliciting them for sex like some other male leaders in this country, he's still apparently degrading and devaluing women at work constantly. And on top of that, he's obviously terrible at the chancellor job itself.

Maybe Hagerott should mirror Al Franken, Trent Franks and other sexists and simply resign.

Tanner Herbert