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Letter: GOP can't claim fiscal responsibility

To the editor,

According to columnist Rob Port's Christmas eve message, he's pleased with the GOP's tax cut for the wealthy, but he'd like to see them do more. They ought to move on to spending reform.

I should point out that "spending reform" is dog whistle for "cuts to or elimination of programs that help the poor, the working poor, and the middle class." It targets things like SNAP (food stamps), CHIP (children's health insurance), Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and any other programs that might help those who Mitt Romney dubbed "the 47 percent who just want free stuff."

The Republicans view the 47 percent as shiftless, lazy, underachieving people, who contribute nothing and are a drag on the economy. The truth is many have jobs, some are disabled, many are elderly, quite a few are families with children and a lot are single moms. These people don't deserve hunger and third world-level healthcare.

To North Dakota's rural clinics, hospitals and nursing homes, Medicare and Medicaid payments are crucial to their survival. Many facilities would be forced to close without them. Is this OK with Mr. Port? Is this what the people of North Dakota want?

With the totally unnecessary tax cut, and the deficits that will result, the GOP will be forced to relinquish its claim that it's a fiscally responsible group. If they're successful in tearing apart the country's social safety net, any ideas of moral superiority will be just as laughable.

Tom Osowski

Minto, N.D.