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Letter: Survey showed what district patrons want

To the editor,

Have you read the Grand Forks-East Grand forks Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2045 Land Use Plan outlining the vision for the next 30 years of city development? If not, that's OK. Neither have members of the Grand Forks School Board.

Survey results from Grand Forks residents outlined within this plan reveal walkability and safe routes to school as two of the public's main priorities. How can one be sure the school board has not read this report? The school district is considering closing three north-end elementary schools, which would decrease safety and completely eliminate walkability for hundreds of elementary age children.

It should be noted that these schools are full, not empty, and one (Wilder Elementary) has actually doubled in student population over the past several years.

School board members need to listen to the public and not just their consultants, who would profit from a decision to build new schools. Keep north-end neighborhood elementary schools open, and properly invest in them.

David Christian

Grand Forks