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Letter: Port's attacks on Heitkamp are tiresome

To the editor,

In his Sunday column, Rob Port engages in his usual predictable and tiresome attack on Sen. Heidi Heitkamp—this time for saying that a sheriff once told Heitkamp that men beating their wives is just a fact of life.

The story seems plausible and fairly insignificant, but Port manages to stretch it into a long and useless rant. The Herald's valuable editorial space could have been used to a better purpose than to feed Port 's obsession with North Dakota's very competent and compassionate U.S. senator.

Port mirrors Donald Trump's obsession with Hillary Clinton, another competent, intelligent and humane woman who served all of us in the U.S. Senate and as secretary of state. Hillary Clinton was also the victim of angry American white male inability to accept women in positions of political power. Their collective vote unfortunately helped put the incompetent and immoral Donald Trump in the White House.

Richard Shafer

Grand Forks