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Letter: The need for good health care is vital

To the editor,

As we gave thanks on Thanksgiving, elbowed our way through the Black Friday push and shove and then huddled over the internet on Cyber Monday, we are hit by "rotor" phone calls reminding us of days or just "x" hours left to sign for 2018 health care.

So many this last year, by self force of will and faith, pulled themselves up. Luckily they were able to get treatment. And, most have been able to get their life back together.

However, a few I know were among the unlucky a few months ago, and an injury cost them jobs and health insurance. For one, a new diagnosis just came in.

We need health care updated and approved. There is always the moment we all dread. There can always be a blow that could come to any one of us or someone we love. It happens more times than we wish to think about it.

Along with the paper trail, we need to deliver a little compassion and mercy to each and every American. When American people are sick, or tired, or terrified, and have given everything they've got, we as Americans do not abandon them. When one is ill, we need to pull them up. We need to bet on their resilience. There's nothing more fundamentally American than the belief that our people survive, endure and rise to fight again.

They deserve a government and health care system that will jump into the ring, right by their side. This is the ultimate test in our ongoing American health care fight. We need to create something as good and decent as the people we serve. As good Americans, we cannot fail.

Diana Deats-O'Reilly

Grand Forks