To the editor,

Former U.S. Sen. Kent Conrad's Nov. 16 Viewpoint ("GOP tax cuts: We've heard this before") begs an informed response.

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First, while he appropriately decries current proposed budget deficits, where were his protestations when trillion-dollar deficits were piling up during the Obama years? Then there is his support for the death tax (euphemistically labeled the "estate tax") as well as the graduated income tax.

One of his reasons for supporting the death tax is to "prevent extreme concentrations of wealth in the hands of a few." (Define "extreme" and "few.") In other words: re-distribution of wealth. Question: Who gives government the authority to re-distribute wealth? Can Mr. Conrad cite from our Constitution where that function is granted? And then there is the graduated income tax,which is utilized as a socialistic tool in the hands of lawmakers.

People like Mr. Conrad who support the graduated income tax and the death/estate tax - the second and third tenets of the Communist Manifesto - are in good company with Marx and Engels.

Jean Holiday