To the editor,

Thank you for a positive side to the pipeline discussion regarding the support of thousands of temporary jobs connected with Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement, if approved. Many will benefit in the long term through the many good people that care deeply about our environment that are in petroleum related jobs and provide for their families.

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Bemidji's Electric Coop has a solar project underway that has great potential. Ottertail continues their initiatives on purchasing wind power allowing us to use more electricity at a reasonable cost. Enbridge has alternative energy projects in place. Even if we accelerated reliance off petroleum, it would be many years; some say 25 years to find a solution. Currently there is no replacement for petroleum in our factories, transportation, personal needs, food or shelter needs.

For now, our world is dependent on petroleum. It is estimated that 70 percent of the need for petroleum is for manufacturing and the transportation of goods and people. How do you incorporate wind generation or solar to move a ship or a semi? Everything is connected to petroleum. Solar panels and wind generators require petroleum during manufacture. Petroleum is the largest source of fuel that allows us our way of life. Safe transportation in pipelines seems to be the best solution.

We need to continue and accelerate our research, discussion and pursuit of alternative fuel sources. We need to figure out how to solve the problem together, without being negative, but we can't live the way we do without petroleum.

Jim Lucachick

Bemidji, Minn.