Donald Trump's campaign was not a social movement like others such as the women's movement. Instead, it was a campaign to inspire false hope that a strong name can bring back the world that was.

One does not need to be a social scientist to see that the people whom Trump has and will select for his Cabinet come from the very social class that pushed for the globalization that Trump rants about. They will continue to push for more globalization, not less.

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The election truly has allowed the foxes to take over the chicken coop.

The austerity formula that the Trump people believe in his failed wherever it has been implemented; just look at Greece or Spain. And Trump's "my way or the highway" approach is not the right way to deal with our problems.

Nothing could be more important over the next four years than for Americans to reject the policies of false hope that define Trumpism.

Here is an example : As CNN has reported, "the protesters fighting to block the Dakota Access Pipeline have vowed to stand their ground despite growing calls for them to leave and threats of prosecution from law enforcement."

The Trump view of such a problem is to use force to remove these committed folks from the land. But this will only embolden the protesters.

Instead, a mediative solution is the only way to resolve this dispute. Yes, that is what has been called the Obama method of problem-solving: the need for open and respectful dialogue.

It's most unfortunate the governor of North Dakota does not understand this.

Alan Levy

Brandon, Man.

Associate professor Levy teaches leadership, dispute resolution and other subjects at Brandon University.