Over this Thanksgiving week, it is only appropriate that we thank the voters of North Dakota for their generous hearts and "yes" votes on Measure 5, the medical-cannabis measure.

If we could write all 216,042 of them personal thank-you notes, we would. This letter will give voice to our gratitude.

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Every year, families have much to be thankful for, and 2016 is no exception. We appreciate the support. We commend all the folks statewide who volunteered to gather signatures during the referendum phase, and who dedicated so many hours during the measure stage to educate and inform.

We admire the folks who shared their extremely personal health journeys. They put a face on Measure 5, explaining why medical cannabis is a viable treatment option in their health professional's arsenal to combat pain and improve quality of life.

Their stories made the difference to North Dakota voters.

We applaud the media outlets that gave Measure 5 a fair shake in their reporting.

We salute in advance the health care providers who'll be spending a great deal of time researching how medical cannabis might be included in their patient's treatment plans.

Herald readers, as you look around the table this Thanksgiving week, say a prayer, wish a wish or send your strength into the world for all patients and their families. Not just North Dakotans, and not just prospective medical cannabis patients, but all those who suffer and for their family members who watch and worry.

Anita Morgan


Morgan was a member of the sponsoring committee for Measure 5, the North Dakota Compassionate Act.