I could not support Donald Trump for president, but I have great respect for my friends who did. While demeaned by liberals and leftists for their alleged lack of education, for their love of God, guns and country and for being un-hip, these voters are smart enough to see through the self-serving lies of leftists and "progressives."

They've learned that behind all the talk about "equality," "inclusion" and "diversity" is a lust for power and an intolerance of anyone who dares to disagree with their vision of society or their secular humanist dogma.

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They understand that when an authoritarian leftist such as Hillary Clinton says "we need more equality and inclusion," what she means is "we need to silence and remove from power anyone who disagrees with us."

My Trump-voting friends understand that America is ruled by the corporate rich and their corrupt politicians. But faced with a choice between rule by the rich or rule by leftist revolutionaries, Trump voters concluded, not unreasonably, that the latter constituted more of a threat to the things they love than the former.

I think they also realize that while Trump is rich (or at least pretends to be), he's never been a member of the power elite and is never likely to be, even as president. They see it as a benefit that Trump seems to be a loner who cares mostly about himself.

As such, he's less likely to make trouble for them. The same could not be said for Clinton or the Democrats.

To my friends who voted for Trump for these reasons, I salute you. Congratulations.

Now let's pray he doesn't screw up too badly.

Cliff Staples

Grand Forks