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Letter: Don't tax me out of business, says vape-shop owner

I am writing to express my concerns on Measure 4 and why I think it's bad for North Dakota.

I own a vape shop in Fargo. Vaping has grown increasingly popular in North Dakota and in our country.

Measure 4 contains nine pages of print that include only four sentences as to how and where the new money will be spent. Measure 4 will put my business and many other small businesses in North Dakota out of commission, leaving many unemployed.

Supporters are using our youth and veterans to gain empathy. They're also misleading voters as to who'll get the benefits of this tax and how the money will be spent.

Their slogan goes something like, "Raise taxes on tobacco products to keep our youth from smoking." But if their claim is true, then why is there not any language in the petition that talks about spending the money on anti-tobacco programs?

Of course, North Dakota already is Number 1 in the United States in dedicating money for tobacco prevention programs. In fact, the programs have a $55 million surplus—so why the new tax?

This money is a blank check, and no one will know where the money is going until after we vote. Please vote No on Measure 4.

Darius Endres


Endres is owner of Sports Vape in Fargo.