On such a beautiful day, it was too bad that the 2016 Potato Bowl Parade in Grand Forks flirted so closely with disaster.

With irresponsible parents standing by as their excited children ran into the street and dove for candy, DeMers Avenue soon filled with so many people that it was hard to distinguish who was in the parade and who wasn't.

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That meant it was hard for the Shriners in their vehicles to do any maneuvers. Likewise, band members who had practiced marching in formation were soon squeezed shoulder to shoulder with no room to march. And many participants found it nearly impossible to proudly show their entries.

I saw no police presence on foot nor any parade security, nor was there any tape to form a barrier for crowd control.

So, will it take a child being hit by a truck tire before parade officials make any changes?

This event is no longer a small town parade, and it should be organized with that in mind-not only for safety reasons, but also for the comfort of parade watchers.

I urge parade organizers to reconsider the tradition of throwing candy, given the way this parade has grown. The candy-tosses cause mayhem on the parade route, which makes for many dangerous situations.

I also urge the organizers to please consider adding more security to keep parade-watchers on the curbs where they belong. That way, everyone can enjoy and actually see the parade, and no one will get hurt.

Kelli Slominski

Grand Forks