In the letter, "Minnesota Senate needs East Grand Forks' Mark Johnson," the author tries to distract from the real "sad fact"-which is that bans on abortion coverage target low-income people and people of color and cause devastating harm to women and families (Page A4, Sept. 1).

Restrictions on Medicaid coverage for abortion, which the letter-writer supports, deny a woman the ability to make her own decisions about what is best for herself and her family, just because of her income.

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That doesn't reflect the values of the Minnesota I know and love. In fact, every day I talk to Minnesota women who are grateful that our current state policy includes abortion coverage, regardless of how much money a woman makes.

While many low-income Minnesota women do have abortion coverage, we can see the harms of coverage bans in other states. Nationally, the Hyde Amendment-a federal policy that bans abortion coverage for those enrolled in Medicaid-forces one in four women seeking an abortion to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term.

Reversing our current policy would force Minnesota women to endure the same punishment and hardship.

We know the majority of Minnesotans care about the wellbeing of all women in our state. Plain and simple, it's time to stop playing politics with Minnesota women's health.

However we feel about abortion, we can all agree that politicians should not stand in the way of a woman making her own important and personal decisions about pregnancy.

Karen Law