While listening to a political discussion on TV, I heard a black female reporter make the statement that we are all inherently racists. She also said we will never get rid of racism. It’s like the common cold.

Normally in that kind of mixed racial setting, there is a silent atmosphere that whites are racists while blacks are victims. But the young reporter suggested that blacks may also be racists.

While the concept of inheritance is usually used in the biological field, it is also appropriate to be used in the social-political fields.

That reporter is a brilliant observer. She tells us not only how we become racists but why we will never become free of it. We humans are constantly exchanging our ideas and thoughts on every conceivable subject. We will never stop communicating and that is why racism will continue until the last two humans die.

The white supremacist movements are growing rapidly and becoming a real threat to our democracy and our Constitution. The white supremacist movement in the U.S. has a surprising parallel to the Hitler youth movement of the 1930s. Young German men became depressed and disenchanted with their future prospects of a decent job that paid good wages with benefits and had a future. As their economic situation grew worse, so did their anger and frustrations. As the various groups fought bloody battles among themselves and Jews, they began looking for a leader. They found one.

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As his popularity grew, Hitler gained even more political power until he became the ultimate dictator. Hitler’s “final solution” resulted in WW II. If Trump should win a second term, will Trump's final solution to the immigration problem be WW III?

The strategy of the white supremacists is to make America white, and they plan to create so much chaos and violence in the USA that all non-whites will either be killed or driven out. It is strange how Trump plays homage to the most evil dictators in the world while treating reputable democratic leaders with utter contempt. He does act like someone being blackmailed, or perhaps he wants to be a dictator. He acts like one.