Where have all the deficit hawks gone? Is fiscal responsibility no longer a hallmark of conservatism? Are the common and shared American values of living within your means, working for what you want, and never spending more than what you can afford, no longer common or shared?

As I write this, the national debt has climbed to nearly $23 trillion. The federal budget deficit is nearly $990 billion. Federal spending has surpassed $4 trillion, up over 150% since 2000. And the current administration along with their friends in Congress, including our state’s congressional delegation, is doing nothing at all to avert this looming crisis. In fact, by this time next year another $1.2 billion will be added to the national debt.

Am I the last fiscal conservative on earth? We, as a nation, cannot afford this sort of rampant irresponsibility with our tax dollars to continue. The skyrocketing national debt is the single greatest existential threat to our democracy, and it’s time we started acting like it. There might not be any deficit hawks left in Washington, but there is at least one left in North Dakota. I refuse to sit idly by while our nation’s promise of tomorrow continues to be weakened from within by tax and spend politicians worried more about currying favor with party bosses and the current administration than about doing what is right for North Dakotans and the American people at-large.

I will continue working on this issue and I hope all of you reading this will as well. North Dakota has two senators and just one representative. It’s time for each of us to send our three letters, or to make our three phone calls, to our elected congressional members. Our future, and our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, may well depend on it.

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