The president has worked his crowds into a frenzy demanding we send four American congresswomen "back."

The meaning of this chant is that these women are not "American" and don’t love America. For the most cynical political reasons, he’s trying to brand them as the face of the Democratic Party.

About 60 percent of Americans do not believe him, do not approve of his policies, do not admire him. He is a minority president.

I am a centrist Democrat, like most Democratic voters and most Democrats in Congress. Here is what I would say to the president's chanting crowds.

If the president really loved America:

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● He would have a well-thought-out plan to deliver quality and affordable health care.

● He would have a plan for lowering drug prices.

● He would negotiate a bipartisan bill for improving the country's infrastructure.

● He would act on making Social Security viable for the next 50 years.

● Instead of destroying the research division of the Agriculture Department, he would strengthen our farmers' productive capacity.

● He would rejoin the Paris Accord signed by every other county in the world and propose some response to the reality of significant climate change.

● He would have a plan in place for dealing with asylum seekers without ripping children from their mothers' arms or making kids sleep on cement floors.

● He would convene a panel of experts to figure out the most economical way to lower student debt.

● He would mobilize both parties in Congress to strengthen our defense against continued Russian and Chinese hacking of our elections, as well as threats to our banking system and electrical grid.

● He would speak out against those who really hate America: Putin's Russia and other cyber enemies, people who oppose a free press, and domestic terrorists.

This is a short list of how the president could actually demonstrate his concern if he really loved America.

I know the president's words are often not believable. But I, like most centrist Democrats, would let most of the noise go if his actions demonstrated that he really cared about the country.

It's unfortunate the president seems to love himself more than he loves America. The chant he inspired is a boomerang that will come back to haunt him.