To the editor,

Apparently, North Dakota’s congressional delegation has joined the “change the name or tear it down” crowd with their proposal to change the name of Sullys Hill National Game Preserve to White Horse Hill.

It's disappointing to see our congressional delegation wasting time on this just before they leave for their six-week annual vacation (did you know this vacation first started in the early days of Washington because of the hot, sticky weather conditions? Apparently installing air conditioning in the halls of Congress in 1929 did not alleviate the problem!).

Does North Dakota need to join the movement removing historical statues, renaming buildings, and tearing down crosses to keep up with the Joneses?

There are more critical issues our delegation should be addressing, including: immigration, health care, budget deficit, trade wars affecting North Dakota agricultural products, and even the issue of air ambulance overcharging.

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What are the costs involved with this proposed name change? A lot of signs, etc., will have to be updated, there will have to be signage explaining what the name was and why it had to be changed, and the beautiful elk on the sign at the entrance to the preserve will certainly have to be replaced with a white horse. It won't be cheap, but I suppose we can borrow the money from China.

As of July 18, the Herald poll on the name change shows 67% oppose the change. Some readers will agree with me, others will not.

I urge each of you to contact our delegation and let them know how you feel. I have already done this, we can't complain if they do something that no one objects to.

To my initial comment about their upcoming six-week vacation, maybe taxpayers should demand time clocks be installed in the House and Senate so our representatives will have to check in and show just how many hours they actually do work, whether on important things (immigration) or petty things (changing the name of Sullys Hill).

Mike Connor

Devils Lake