More than 400,000 Americans braved a huge blizzard for this year's March for Life in Washington-news that once again was ignored by major American news media.

NBC and CBS had no coverage of the march, while ABC news devoted 14 seconds.

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The motivations for these large marches is the primary right of all rights-the right to life, which is being trampled by unjust law and the mass destruction of human life. The motivation for the news blackout is nothing new.

To the south, Planned Parenthood appears to be achieving its goal of flipping a highly damaging partial birth abortion story by attacking individuals who publicly exposed the organization's atrocious methods of death. A Harris County, Texas, grand jury was successfully used as a political attack dog in that effort.

The indicted want a trial.

Their goal is to expose political corruption within the Harris County district attorney's office-a prosecutor for Harris County is also a Planned Parenthood board member-and defense attorneys can't wait to begin that process.

As the old saw goes; with enough bias and creativity and with no counterweight of dissenting opinion, facts or a judge, a skilled prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich.

Long known for their bias toward the pro-life movement, sympathetic news media trumpeted the indictment.

It will be interesting to see how the same information gate-keepers of news will cover or ignore the unfolding story of an odorous political hit piece. Vindication comes at the end of a thorough, fair and complete process, not the beginning.

R.J. Ogaard