I love my job at Community High School. I wouldn't want to teach at any other school nor with any other student population. Is teaching tough? Yes, it is. But every job has its difficulties. Everyone knows the pitfalls of teaching, but I'd like to cover some of the highlights.

First, I am privileged to have some terrific young people as students. These are teens who may not have been successful in a traditional school but seem to flourish in the alternative setting.

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Second, I am grateful for the school at which I teach. Thank you, Grand Forks residents, for supporting alternative education as much as you have for the past 27-plus years.

Community High School is the best kept secret in Grand Forks and a school at which I'm proud to teach.

This third high school offers nontraditional students another road to success and high school graduation. Students and staff work diligently to make the dream of high school graduation become a reality for at-risk teens.

Third, I esteem the colleagues with whom I work. Grand Forks Public Schools has some terrific teachers who challenge me to be a better teacher with their innovative ideas, hard work and dedication.

Finally, I value the community support offered to teachers. This past year, a negotiation year navigated brilliantly by the Grand Forks Education Association negotiating team, was taxing on teachers. I am proud to be a member of GFEA and appreciate the public support shown to all teachers during this time.

Thank you to the residents of Grand Forks for entrusting teachers with the care and education of your young people. I go to work daily knowing my job is not only one I love but also one of great responsibility. One I don't, nor do many teachers, take lightly.

Eileen Zygarlicke

Grand Forks

Zygarlicke teaches English at Community High School in Grand Forks.