In response to the Herald's editorial, "Action welcome to improve Minnesota's water quality" (Page A4, Sept. 2):

Six and a half years after Minnesota began collecting data on water quality, Minnesota leads the nation in its knowledge of the sources of water pollution. But despite this knowledge, 50 percent or more of the lakes in southern Minnesota remain too polluted for fishing and swimming.

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As the editorial points out, knowledge and concern are steps in the right direction; but ultimately, action is needed to save our 10,000 lakes from pollution. One way for Herald readers to take action is to demonstrate their support the Clean Water Rule, the biggest step forward for clean water in a decade.

Due to loopholes in the nation's 1972 Clean Water Act opened by developers and other polluters nearly a decade ago, 51 percent of Minnesota's waterways were left vulnerable to pollution. Thankfully, the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Rule went into effect Aug. 28, restoring Clean Water Act protections to more than 46,000 miles of Minnesota's streams and rivers.

Polluters are working in Congress right now to overturn the rule, however. This fall, we'll need Minnesota's legislative leaders, and in particular Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, to support the Rule so that Minnesotans can continue to enjoy our 10,000 lakes for generations to come.

I urge Herald readers to call or write Klobuchar and tell her they support the Rule.

Pete Suechting


Suechting is a spokesman for Environment Minnesota.