On July 25, the front-page photo accompanying a story on the prospects for the "UND/North Dakota" nickname shows supporters of that nickname wearing "Sioux" jerseys and holding "We are the Sioux forever" signs.

Meanwhile, almost no one in the photo is wearing an item of clothing that bears the actual name being considered: UND/North Dakota.

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The same goes for the hockey and football games I've seen on TV. The seats are full of "Sioux" jerseys, shirts, hats and so on.

What that says to me is that the UND/North Dakota nickname supporters want no nickname in an attempt to preserve the "Sioux" nickname. Otherwise, if they are so happy with UND/North Dakota as their new nickname, why aren't they wearing UND/North Dakota clothing and holding UND/North Dakota signs?

This obviously bitter attitude of "fine, no Fighting Sioux, then we'll show you; we'll have nothing!" needs to be put to rest. It's the position that some 5-year-old kids would take.

The Fighting Sioux name is dead. But life goes on, and as much as I enjoyed the Fighting Sioux nickname while attending UND, it is time to let go.

Let's use the unfortunate past as an opportunity to make an improvement.

I pray that UND President Robert Kelley doesn't add UND/North Dakota to the ballot for the reasons stated above. And I applaud the university's nickname committee for its decisions.

Jeff Willert

Laguna Niguel, Calif.