I'm in need of a philosopher/ethicist. The Constitution guarantees "free speech." It is an extraordinarily important right that promotes diversity of opinion and is an antidote to dictatorship.

Having said that, how is it that whenever someone says something outre or unpopular, say Donald Trump for example, individuals are "allowed" to disenfranchise from him?

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If "free speech" which is allowable, is also allowed to be punished, how does this differ from not having "free speech"?

How does withdrawing from a golf tournament either support free speech or do other than implicitly condone punishing it?

It is easy to make what is technically called "the error of assumed essence"; if a person is, say, "gay," this error happens when everything they do is tied to this "gayness."

Thank heavens Trump doesn't have a children's charity from which critics can withdraw because of his new "taint."

Ross Hartsough

Grand Forks