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LETTER: Republicans' all-purpose, every-policy promise: Lower gas prices

I'm confused and need something explained to me. Republicans have been screaming that we need to keep drilling for more oil. They argue that this drilling will make us less dependent on foreign oil and bring down the price at the pump.

But now, they're saying that we need to lift the oil export ban, so more oil will get on the world market and bring down the price at the pump. Why would not this excess that is being drilled here make us more energy independent, as the Republicans have been arguing? Would not this excess bring down the price without having to export it and bring in other oil to replace it?

Or are they just trying to increase refining capacity for the Canadian tar sands oil?

Is it just a big "Shell" game?

When Democrats tried to say that oil prices are controlled by the global market, we were told we were wrong. We were told by the people who said drilling for more oil would increase our domestic supply and bring down the price at the pump.

Could it simply be that with the U.S. now pumping way more oil than needed or can be refined, the oil companies want to sell the oil on the global market and make more money?

They can ship unrefined oil a lot easier than gasoline. Which, by the way, they have been doing for a long time already.

I ask Republicans, which of your two arguments is your real belief? They do seem to contradict each other.

Rodney Iverson

Chandler, Ariz.